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BIO-key MobileAuth
A Different Way to Authenticate

Bring the power of Identity-Bound Biometrics to any mobile device and eliminate the inconvenience, security risks, and high costs of traditional authentication methods.

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What is MobileAuth?

BIO-key MobileAuthTM is the only multi-factor authentication app that brings the power of Identity-Bound Biometrics to any mobile device with PalmPositiveTM and FacePositiveTM. In addition to safeguarding critical data by authenticating the person – not just an approved device – BIO-key MobileAuthTM provides the flexibility for employees, customers, and suppliers to choose from multiple, easy to use authentication options while also eliminating the high costs associated with traditional authentication methods. 

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MobileAuth is Perfect for Securing All Access.

Customer IAM (CIAM)

Give your customers a modern, authentication experience that's easy to use and requires no additional hardware.

Remote Employees

Secure remote access to your applications and critical data by determining legitimate users from hackers and proxies.

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Passwords continue to be the weakest link in security. Eliminate passwords completely and replace them with "something you are".

Zero Trust

The first step towards Zero Trust is 100% multi-factor authentication (MFA) 100% of the time. Offer employees and customers MFA that is easy to adopt to support your Zero Trust architecture. 

Why Use BIO-key MobileAuth?



Employees, customers and suppliers have the option to choose from multiple authentication methods – including IBB palm scanning and facial recognition, local biometrics and push tokens. 



IBB safeguards access to your most critical data. Unlike hardware or passwords, biometrics cannot be forgotten, phished, stolen, or forged. Built-in liveness detection prevents imposters from using scanned pictures or fakes

low price

Cost Efficiency

Reduces IT departments’ operational overhead by eliminating the associated costs of traditional authentication methods. No additional hardware is necessary and allows for vendor consolidation by providing a variety of authentication options.

Deploying BIO-key MobileAuth

BIO-key MobileAuth is an easy-to-use mobile app with no new hardware required and a fast QR code registration and enrollment process that can be completed in seconds. As part of BIO-key’s PortalGuard IDaaS platform, BIO-key MobileAuth supports its MFA and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions to streamline logins while making them more secure.

Supported Authentication Methods

Offering multiple, convenient authentication methods, securing access has never been so easy.

Users can choose from:


Facial Recognition

FacePositive uses a facial scan as a form of Identity-Bound Biometrics to verify the user's identity with the highest levels of integrity, security, and availability. 


Palm Scanning

Powered by Identity-Bound Biometrics to accurately verify a user is who they say they are, PalmPositive uses a simple palm scan to provide secure authentication.


Push Tokens

This 2nd factor allows end-users to confirm or deny an authentication request by interacting with their mobile device in real-time. No codes need to be remembered – just tap yes or no on the screen.


Local Biometrics

Device-based biometrics to support authentication methods such as Apple Face ID and Touch ID and Android Biometrics.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Traditional MFA methods can be expensive to distribute and manage.
BIO-key MobileAuth requires no additional hardware, can be used on any camera-equipped device, requires minimal TCO for large-scale deployments, and eliminates the need for multiple vendors by providing a variety of authentication methods.



Download and Install the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



Enroll both of your palms with a fast QR code registration process. 



Login to PortalGuard using MFA with a simple scan of your palm or face.



Easily delete all of your biometric data from the PortalGuard Account Management page.