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Try PortalGuard IDaaS and its flexible options for meeting your cybersecurity goals and delivering an optimized user experience.


Organizations trust BIO-key PortalGuard IDaaS, an award-winning Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform, to reduce password-related help desk calls by up to 95%, eliminate passwords, secure remote access, prevent phishing attacks, and improve productivity for the IT team.


PortalGuard provides the simplicity and flexibility required to secure the modern digital experience with options for single sign-on, self-service password reset, and over 16 multi-factor authentication methods, and is the only IAM platform to offer Identity-Bound Biometrics.



  • BIO-key MobileAuth with PalmPositive for fast, touchless, secure access using a simple scan of your palm
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Single Sign-On capabilities
  • Self-Service Password Reset

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Why PortalGuard IAM?

Identity-Bound Biometrics
Biometric Expertise and Identity-Bound Biometrics Capabilities that offer the highest levels of integrity, availability, security, and accuracy enterprises require.
Securing cloud & on-premises
Hybrid Environment and Desktop Login Support to secure all access scenarios and provide SSO to all applications from a single IdP.
Customer IAM
Strong Customer IAM Capabilities, fully supported with self-registration, account management, self-service password reset, and multi-factor authentication.
low price
Affordable, Simple Pricing that is easy to understand without any unexpected costs.

An Award-Winning Platform

We are honored to receive awards and recognition for the powerful identity security PortalGuard provides.

PortalGuard is our Customers' Favorite

Fred T. | Sr. Web Admin, Education Management

“We have close to 100 applications that are integrated with PortalGuard. These are internal and external applications. We can configure SSO with almost any application within a few minutes. PortalGuard has been a great partner for many years."


David A. | Vice President and Chief Information Officer

"We've been using PortalGuard for nearly a year, and it has worked perfectly for us. It integrates all of our single sign-on (SSO) services onto one page, includes an area for our non-SSO links, includes password reset options for users, and enables us to provide First-Time Users with easy access to all of our secure online services."

Curtis W. | IT Admin, Higher Education

“We have different countries who log into embassies around the world so they can upload information and we need security. We are very happy with our worldwide portal arrangement using PortalGuard."