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Identity-Bound Biometrics: Complimentary data sheet

Identity-Bound Biometrics data sheet

Authentication that verifies the person taking action

Are you looking to:

IBB Security Integrity

Eliminate the risks of traditional authentication and decrease susceptibility to cyberattacks

IBB Flexibility & Ease of Use
Provide a consistent and seamless user experience across multiple devices and locations
IBB Cost & Efficiency
Reduce overall costs by streamlining IT resources and eliminating operational redundancies

Download the Identity-Bound Biometrics data sheet to learn about:

  • What is Identity-Bound Biometrics?
  • Key benefits and features of Identity-Bound Biometrics
  • Use cases for Identity-Bound Biometrics
  • Supported solutions and authentication methods
  • Customer testimonials on Identity-Bound Biometrics


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