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How Unity College improved the user access experience and relieved the IT help desk of password-related administrative tasks


Are you looking for ways to streamline user access to your institution's applications and services? Do you want to enhance security measures and improve user adoption rates? Discover how Unity College, a renowned leader in sustainability science, achieved these goals with the help of PortalGuard. Download our comprehensive case study now to gain valuable insights and take your user experience to the next level.


About Unity College:

Founded in 1965, Unity College has a long-standing commitment to sustainability education and solving environmental challenges. With over 900 students and a dedicated faculty, Unity College provides a supportive and quality education experience. As part of their commitment to excellence, the IT team at Unity College strives to offer a seamless and efficient user experience for the various applications and services provided on and off campus.


The Pain Point:

Unity College faced challenges in maximizing user awareness and adoption of their IT services. With a growing number of technologies and applications, managing user access and ensuring a consistent user experience has become a daunting task. Forgotten passwords and inefficient login processes hindered the institution's ability to provide a streamlined user experience and hindered adoption rates.


The Challenge:

Unity College needed a solution that could unify their applications and services under a single point of entry, ensuring seamless user access and improving adoption rates. They also sought to relieve their help desk staff from the burden of password resets and recovery requests. Furthermore, the institution aimed to implement two-factor authentication and integrate with existing systems and new cloud applications.


The PortalGuard Solution:

Discover how PortalGuard transformed Unity College's user access and authentication processes. With a customizable and all-in-one solution, PortalGuard provided Unity College with a central login portal, single sign-on capabilities, self-service password reset functionality, and support for future authentication and access goals. The institution benefited from a personalized and cost-effective solution tailored to their needs.


Unlock Enhanced User Access and Security Today:

Download our case study to learn how Unity College successfully implemented PortalGuard and revolutionized their user access experience. Gain insights into the configurable portal entry that drove user awareness and adoption. Discover how self-service password reset relieved the IT help desk team and allowed them to focus on more critical tasks. Explore how Unity College plans to leverage two-factor authentication in the future to enhance security measures.


Take the First Step towards a Streamlined User Experience:

Enhance user access, improve adoption rates, and bolster security with PortalGuard. Whether you're in the higher education industry or any other sector, our case study provides valuable knowledge and inspiration to optimize your institution's IT services. Download our comprehensive case study now and unlock the power of seamless user access and enhanced security with PortalGuard.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Unity College's success. Download the case study and revolutionize your user access experience today!


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