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Unifying the Student Experience: 
Finding Resources Quickly and Securely



College students can spend a lot of time trying to find resources and information from their campus portal. They want to quickly and securely search for grades, programs, financial resources and stay on top of upcoming social activities. Not being able to find what they’re looking for, they give up, turning to Google instead. Schools want to provide a welcoming place online as much as on the physical campus.

However, providing a unified student experience while safeguarding sensitive information is a challenge for IT teams who have limited resources and cybersecurity expertise.


Request the On-Demand Webinar to learn about: 

  • Implementing a modern campus portal experience that is pleasurable and safe to use
  • Enhancing cybersecurity to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks with multi-factor authentication that students will adopt
  • Going to a “blended” organization that leverages contractors, so the IT department doesn't carry all the burden
  • Eliminating information silos by unifying enterprise systems



Dr. Todd Yates,
Senior Cloud Architect & Information Security Officer

TransACT Communications

Mark Cochran,
President of BIO-key PortalGuard

BIO-key International

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