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The State of Multi-Factor Authentication



If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that cyberattacks are growing more frequent and disruptive, and not using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is becoming an increasingly critical issue that threatens many organizations, especially with the greater reliance on cloud services. 

In this webinar, conducted in partnership with Osterman Research, we explore the findings of our comprehensive survey on the state of MFA and related authentication methods. The survey, conducted among mid-sized and large organizations, sheds light on how security and authentication are managed in today's digital landscape. We delve into topics such as zero trust architecture, passwordless approaches, biometrics, and more.


Request the on-demand webinar to gain valuable insights into the following:

  1. Evaluating MFA Methods: Discover the security levels offered by various MFA methods and identify the right approach for your organization. Gain confidence in your authentication strategy and ensure the highest level of protection against cyber threats.

  2. Passwordless Authentication and Biometrics: Learn about the latest trends in passwordless authentication workflows and the effective use of biometrics as part of your IAM (Identity and Access Management) strategy. Uncover how these innovative approaches enhance security while simplifying the user experience.

  3. Driving User Adoption: Implementing stronger authentication methods requires user acceptance and adoption. Gain practical tips and strategies to increase user buy-in, making the transition to enhanced security measures smoother and more successful for your organization.

  4. Embracing Zero Trust Architecture: Explore the paradigm shift in cybersecurity strategies with the emergence of Zero Trust architecture. Understand how this approach challenges traditional security models and empowers organizations to adopt a more proactive and risk-aware security posture.

  5. Choosing the Right IAM Solution: Discover the key considerations when selecting an IAM solution that aligns with your organization's unique needs. Learn from the experiences of over 200 trusted institutions that rely on PortalGuard as their IAM solution to secure both on-premises and remote user experiences.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to empower your organization with the knowledge and insights needed to enhance security and protect your valuable digital assets. Join us as we unlock the power of Multi-Factor Authentication and pave the way towards a more secure future.


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