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The State of Multi-Factor Authentication eBook

The State of Multi-Factor Authentication: Survey Results, Implications, & Recommendations


Are you concerned about the increasing risk of cyber breaches and the potential consequences they pose to your organization? Do you want to explore effective solutions to enhance your security measures and protect your valuable data? Look no further! Discover the insights you need in our comprehensive eBook: The State of Multi-Factor Authentication.


Why Download Our eBook?

  1. Invaluable Survey Results: Gain access to the key findings of Osterman Research's in-depth survey on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Explore the current state of MFA adoption, authentication methods, passwordless approaches, biometrics, and more.

  2. Addressing the Security Gap: Learn how MFA is becoming an increasingly critical factor in safeguarding your organization's networks, applications, data, financial security, and reputation. Understand the risks associated with account takeovers, phishing attacks, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

  3. Unlock the Benefits of MFA: Discover how implementing flexible and robust MFA solutions can significantly reduce the likelihood of breaches and mitigate the potential consequences. Empower both your employees and customers with strong authentication methods.

  4. The Path to Secure Future: Gain insights into the growth of Zero Trust Architecture and its role in preventing data breaches and tackling new attack vectors. Explore the selection criteria for Identity and Access Management Solutions, including ease of use, integration capabilities, and support for corporate security policies.


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Download our eBook, "The State of Multi-Factor Authentication," and arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies to protect your organization from the ever-evolving threat landscape. Stay ahead of the curve, reduce the risk of breaches, and secure your valuable assets.

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"If organizations employ flexible, robust, and properly managed MFA, they will significantly reduce their likelihood of being breached and the variety of consequences that result from those breaches."

— Osterman Research


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