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How Southwestern Community College created a better user and admin experience with single sign-on (SSO) and self-service password reset (SSPR)


Are you struggling with password resets overwhelming your IT help desk? Do you desire a seamless single sign-on experience for your students, faculty, and staff? Discover how Southwestern Community College District (SWC) tackled these challenges and transformed their user experience with the help of PortalGuard. Download our case study now to gain valuable insights and revolutionize your institution's password management and access control processes.


About Southwestern CCD:

As the only higher education institution in the southern portion of San Diego County, Southwestern College plays a vital role in the intellectual growth of over 400,000 residents. With a student population of over 30,000, SWC needed a solution to provide self-service password reset and seamless single sign-on capabilities to enhance user experience for their diverse community of learners and educators.


The Pain Point:

Southwestern College faced numerous challenges, including a high volume of password reset requests inundating their IT help desk. Their existing identity provider (IdP) proved difficult to support and maintain, leading to inefficiencies in user access. The lack of availability of disparate applications during system outages also hindered the institution's ability to provide uninterrupted services.


The Existing Challenge:

The IT department at Southwestern College sought a self-service password reset solution to alleviate the burden on their help desk. They also aimed to implement single sign-on across their campus community, integrating over 12 different applications, including Canvas, Blackboard, and G Suite. Furthermore, the institution desired a disaster recovery backup solution to ensure application reliability in case of network outages.


The PortalGuard Solution:

Discover how PortalGuard revolutionized Southwestern College's user access and authentication processes. With centralized self-service password reset features, PortalGuard significantly reduced help desk calls and empowered users to manage their own passwords. The web-based single sign-on capabilities provided a seamless and convenient user experience across multiple applications. Additionally, the integration with Microsoft Azure enabled robust disaster recovery, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical applications during network outages.


Unlock Enhanced Password Management and User Experience Today:

Download our case study to learn how Southwestern College successfully implemented PortalGuard and transformed their password management and access control processes. Gain insights into the streamlined self-service password reset features that reduced help desk call volumes. Explore how web-based single sign-on fostered a better user experience and improved efficiency. Discover the benefits of disaster recovery integration, ensuring application reliability even during network outages.


Take the First Step towards Streamlined Password Management:

Enhance your institution's password management processes, improve user experience, and bolster application reliability with PortalGuard. Whether you're in the higher education industry or any other sector, our case study provides valuable knowledge and inspiration to optimize your institution's IT services. 


Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Southwestern College's success. Download the case study and revolutionize your password management and access control processes today!


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