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Faced with Limitations: NICC’s Journey to a Secure Student Experience 



Cybersecurity has become an imperative for educational institutions. However, striking a balance between robust security measures and delivering an optimized student experience can be a formidable challenge. Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) has embarked on a transformative cybersecurity journey to ensure a secure and seamless digital experience for its students.

Join us as we delve into NICC's remarkable journey with Craig Meirick, Director of Computer Information Systems, and Cameron Berges, Network Coordinator at NICC. They will share their insights on how NICC assessed and redefined their security strategy, addressing the challenges faced in the digital age, and unveiling the future prospects for NICC.


Key Highlights from the Session:

  1. Securing Enhanced Services:
    Discover how NICC successfully implemented new and improved services, such as GSuite, for students while minimizing the introduction of additional passwords or friction. Learn about the strategies and technologies employed to ensure a seamless and secure user experience.

  2. Identity & Access Management (IAM) Considerations:
    Uncover the essential requirements to consider when selecting an IAM solution to streamline access management while being mindful of potential limitations. Gain valuable insights into best practices for implementing IAM solutions in an educational setting.

  3. Measurable ROI and Enhanced User Convenience:
    Explore the tangible benefits NICC achieved by implementing single sign-on and self-service password reset functionalities. Learn about their impressive results, including a significant 90% reduction in password reset calls, leading to enhanced productivity and user satisfaction.


NICC's unwavering dedication to ensuring a secure and optimized digital experience for its students truly establishes it as a leader among educational institutions. By joining us on this captivating journey, you will not only gain valuable knowledge but also obtain actionable insights that can significantly enhance your institution's cybersecurity practices while prioritizing the student experience. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to learn from NICC's remarkable achievements and take your institution's cybersecurity to new heights.



Featured Speakers

  • Craig Meirick
    • Director of Computer Information Systems, NICC
    • Craig Meirick has played a pivotal role in driving NICC's cybersecurity initiatives
  • Cameron Berges
    • Network Coordinator, NICC
    • Cameron Berges brings a wealth of experience in network security and infrastructure management


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