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Faced with Limitations: NICC’s Journey to a Secure Student Experience 


Cybersecurity is one of those things we all know we need to do. But it can quickly limit a college’s ability to deliver an optimized digital experience. Today life is happening online and for many students, digital is going to be the only college experience they have.  


Listen to Craig Meirick, Director of Computer Information Systems, and Cameron Berges, Network Coordinator at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) as they guide you through their cybersecurity journey to optimizing the digital experience for their students. The journey will start at the beginning, 3 years ago, when they reassessed their security strategy, then go into the new challenges of today and finally discuss what the future holds for NICC. 


Highlights Include: 

  • How to secure new, improved services (such as GSuite) for students without introducing additional passwords or friction
  • What requirements to look for in an Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution and to be aware of possible limitations
  • The measurable ROI NICC realized with the convenience of single sign-on and self-service password reset - including a 90% reduction in password reset calls 


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Craig Meirick,

Director of Computer Information Systems




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Cameron Berges,

Network Coordinator


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