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Passkeys 2.0: Making Passkeys Personal

The Problem with Passwords

Passwords have become a major security vulnerability. They are difficult for users to remember, can be easily stolen or shared, and are susceptible to phishing attacks. The traditional password model is no longer sufficient to protect user accounts and sensitive data.


Passwordless Methods with Phones and Tokens

To address the shortcomings of passwords, various passwordless authentication methods have emerged. These include using smartphones or hardware tokens as the authentication factor.

While phone-based and token-based passwordless solutions offer improvements over traditional passwords, they also have their own limitations. Relying on users to have a compatible smartphone or carry a separate security token can be inconvenient and introduce new costs for organizations.


Introducing Passkey:YOU - Passwordless Authentication Without Phones or Tokens

Passkey:YOU is a passkey solution that replaces phones and tokens for FIDO2, WebAuthn, and passkey authentication scenarios with a fingerprint touch on a USB fingerprint scanner attached to any Windows workstation. It enables users to become the credential with advanced biometrics that secure a personal passkey. A few key stand-out benefits include: 

  • Lower cost: avoids buying and replacing multiple FIDO security keys per person. 
  • No back-end integration: no configuration, drop-in replacement into existing authentication workflows. 
  • Better availability and UX: the user is the credential, requiring nothing more than a touch of a finger to get to work. 


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