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How Pacific Compensation Insurance Created a Fully Branded and Secure Portal 


Discover how Pacific Compensation Insurance, Co. (PacComp), a leading insurance company, transformed their portal experience and achieved seamless access and data security. Download our comprehensive case study to delve into the details of PacComp's journey with the PortalGuard solution.


About Pacific Compensation Insurance, Co.:

Pacific Compensation Insurance, Co. is an esteemed insurance provider that utilized PortalGuard to create a secure and fully branded portal. By leveraging PortalGuard's Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, PacComp streamlined access for both agents and customers, ensuring a seamless user experience.


The Challenges Faced:

PacComp sought a fully integrated and secure portal that could provide personalized access to data and applications for specific agents and customers. They required a solution that could be customized with their company logos, color schemes, and iconography while granting user groups easy access to relevant resources. Additionally, PacComp needed robust auditing capabilities to generate on-demand reports.


The Existing Challenge:

Initially, PacComp had deployed a partial SSO solution for some applications, but it lacked customizability and universal deployment across all systems. This led to strain on the IT department and user frustration due to the absence of a true SSO experience. The absence of auditing features further hindered PacComp's ability to meet the diverse needs of their hybrid internal and external access portal.


The PortalGuard Solution:

Learn how PortalGuard's SSO solution addressed PacComp's pain points, eliminated limitations, and enhanced user access based on login credentials. With PortalGuard, PacComp gained a fully customizable platform that seamlessly integrated into their custom-built portal framework. The solution allowed for branding, customization, and precise control over the login prompt on the main login page. PortalGuard's compatibility with multiple directory types enabled PacComp to establish specific user groups and directory forests for employees, agents, and customers.


Benefits and Technical Approach:

Discover how PortalGuard's SSO integration empowered PacComp users to access only the applications and resources they needed, eliminating distractions and unnecessary options. With PortalGuard, users no longer had to log in separately for each application or resource once successfully authenticated through the PacComp portal. The case study delves into the technical approach, including SAML-based and forms-based solutions, as well as the reporting interface that enables administrators to monitor login attempts and meet auditing requirements.


Why Download the Case Study:

By downloading this case study, you gain valuable insights into PacComp's journey towards a fully integrated and secure portal experience. Learn from their success story and discover how PortalGuard's SSO solution can optimize your organization's access management, enhance user experience, and bolster data security. Whether you are an IT professional, an insurance industry expert, or simply interested in cutting-edge authentication solutions, this case study offers practical knowledge and inspiration.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore PacComp's remarkable transformation. Download the case study now and unlock the secrets to elevating your organization's portal experience and security.


Download the Case Study!