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On-demand webinar with Orange Bank & Trust Company

Confronting Cyber Risk: Why One Bank Adopted Biometrics to Move Away from Passwords

On-Demand Webinar

Hear from Orange Bank & Trust Company on:

 ⦿ What motivated them to modernize their authentication strategy

 ⦿ Which authentication solutions they evaluated 

 ⦿ Why they opted for Identity-Bound Biometrics as part of their strategy


As cyber threats continue to present a significant risk to commercial banks, many are rethinking and improving their authentication strategy. Even the FFIEC and OCC have updated their guidance on the importance of layered security and how Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or controls of equivalent strength can effectively mitigate inherent risks and prevent unauthorized access.

In light of the ever-changing threat environment, along with recommendations from their IT Security Officer and auditors, the Orange Bank & Trust company continues to move away from passwords, confronting cyber risks head-on with MFA and Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB)



kathy pinto

Kathy Pinto

VP of IT

Orange Bank & Trust


Joshua Crespo

Technical Specialist

Orange Bank & Trust


Kimberly Biddings

VP of Product


If you're looking to improve your organization's authentication strategy for 2022, this is a session you won't want to miss!

BIO-key provides both biometric authentication and a proven suite of IAM solutions that provide security flexibility and value over approaches offered by other vendors.

Kathy Pinto, VP of Information Technology

Orange Bank & Trust

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