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A Secure Experience: How NASCO Managed Customer Identity


In today's digital landscape, providing a modern and collaborative online experience for customers has become a crucial differentiator for businesses. Such an experience directly impacts customer satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and a competitive edge. However, the question of securing this experience arises.


NASCO, a leading organization, recognized the importance of both collaboration and security when developing their new portal for plan customers. Sandy Schladt, the Director of Security Operations at NASCO, sheds light on their journey to introduce improved security measures and convenience, including multi-factor authentication and single sign-on. These enhancements not only secure their portal but also provide an excellent user experience.


During the insightful discussion, Sandy addresses key questions that many organizations face:

  1. How to Introduce a New Customer-Facing Service without Increasing Risk: Sandy shares valuable insights into the strategies and best practices employed by NASCO to mitigate risks when introducing new customer-facing services. She discusses the importance of a comprehensive risk assessment and the implementation of robust security measures.

  2. Identity Management for Users outside the Corporate Directory: Managing the identities of users who are not part of the corporate directory can be challenging. Sandy delves into the approaches and solutions adopted by NASCO to efficiently manage customer identities and ensure seamless access to the portal while maintaining security.

  3. Determining the Optimal Authentication Methods: With various authentication methods available, organizations often face the challenge of selecting the most suitable ones. Sandy offers guidance on how NASCO evaluated different authentication methods and determined the ones that best fit their security and user experience requirements.

  4. Managing Users with Varying Levels of Cybersecurity Awareness: Education and user awareness play a critical role in maintaining a secure environment. Sandy shares NASCO's strategies for effectively managing and educating users with different levels of cybersecurity awareness, ensuring a proactive approach to security.


By engaging in this webinar, you will gain valuable insights from NASCO's journey and learn actionable strategies to enhance your organization's customer identity management. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how to strike the perfect balance between collaboration and security.


Featured Speaker


Sandy Schladt, Director of Security Operations at NASCO, brings her extensive expertise and firsthand experience in managing customer identity and ensuring a secure experience.



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