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How Masonicare reduced the burden of password-related help desk calls


Discover how Masonicare, a non-profit healthcare organization, overcame the burden of password-related Help Desk calls by implementing PortalGuard's Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) solution. Download our case study to explore how Masonicare achieved seamless and cost-effective password management.


About Masonicare:

Masonicare, a small non-profit organization in Connecticut, sought a solution to streamline their password reset process and reduce the number of Help Desk calls. With a user-base of 2,400, they needed an efficient and cost-effective way to handle password-related issues.


The Challenges Faced:

Masonicare's Help Desk was overwhelmed with password reset calls, particularly during the night shift, leading to long hold times and a backup in the call queue. They required a solution that would alleviate the burden on their IT team while empowering users to manage their passwords independently.


The PortalGuard Solution:

Learn how PortalGuard's Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) software helped Masonicare overcome their challenges. By deploying PortalGuard's on-premises SSPR solution, Masonicare enabled users to reset their passwords quickly and easily. IT administrators gained control over password policies, including attributes like length, complexity, expiration, and lockout based on failed attempts. PortalGuard's interactive feedback provided meaningful help screens, guiding end-users through successful password resets.


Benefits and Why PortalGuard Was the Right Choice:

Discover why PortalGuard was the perfect fit for Masonicare. The on-premises SSPR solution offered affordability, easy configuration, and full administrative control. Additionally, the PortalGuard mobile Self-service Password Reset Application allowed users to reset passwords remotely through Android or Apple devices. With reduced reliance on IT resources for password resets, Masonicare could allocate their resources to more critical tasks.


Why Download the Case Study:

By downloading this case study, you gain valuable insights into how Masonicare addressed their password management challenges with PortalGuard. Learn from their success story and discover how PortalGuard's SSPR solution can revolutionize your organization's password reset process, enhance user experience, and free up valuable IT resources. Whether you are an IT professional, a healthcare industry expert, or interested in efficient password management, this case study offers practical knowledge and inspiration.


 Download the case study now and embark on a journey towards streamlined and cost-effective password reset processes.


Download the Case Study!