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How the Indiana Institute of Technology decreased password-related help desk calls while providing single sign-on (SSO) to various education-related web apps


Are you eager to learn how Indiana Institute of Technology transformed their security infrastructure and reduced password-related help desk calls? Download our comprehensive case study and uncover the remarkable journey of Indiana Tech towards enhanced cybersecurity and streamlined operations.

About the Case Study:

Discover how Indiana Institute of Technology, a prestigious university founded in 1930, overcame significant security challenges to provide a seamless and secure digital environment for its 8,000 active students and 1,500 faculty members. The case study explores their implementation of PortalGuard, an Enterprise-ready solution that revolutionized their security software and resolved critical issues related to self-service password reset, single sign-on, and user identification.

The Challenges Faced:

Indiana Tech encountered various obstacles with their previous security software, including a lack of a brandable login form, limited support for the CAS SSO protocol, and an inability to differentiate between staff and students. The university also struggled with managing password resets during peak periods, leading to overwhelmed engineers and user downtime.

The PortalGuard Solution:

Learn how PortalGuard provided Indiana Tech with a smooth, customizable, and more efficient solution. With PortalGuard's advanced features, such as automated self-service password reset, role-based security policies, and seamless integration with Duo for two-factor authentication, Indiana Tech experienced significant improvements in password management, user support, and system stability.

Results and Benefits:

Explore the remarkable results achieved by Indiana Tech through their collaboration with PortalGuard. The case study highlights how the university successfully implemented six distinct security policies tailored to different user groups, automated password resets, and significantly reduced help desk calls. With PortalGuard's flexible and scalable architecture, Indiana Tech improved user satisfaction, enhanced data security, and optimized resource utilization.

Why Download the Case Study:

By accessing this case study, you gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by educational institutions in managing digital security. Discover how Indiana Tech leveraged PortalGuard's powerful features to address their unique requirements and achieve remarkable outcomes. Whether you are an IT professional, a security enthusiast, or an educational institution looking to enhance your cybersecurity infrastructure, this case study provides practical knowledge and inspiration.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Indiana Institute of Technology's success story. Download the case study now and discover the strategies and solutions that can transform your organization's digital security landscape.


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