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Stop Phishing & Ransomware with Biometrics & Multi-factor Authentication


As community banks continue to be a high target due to their assets, liquidity, and customers, they need a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution to defend against cyberattacks.


Phishing and ransomware are the modern ways to rob banks. In 2020 many community banks grew in terms of assets, customers and liquidity, making them a prime target for cyber-attacks. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) might be in your plans, but strategic solution selection can pay big dividends. What if you could cut your MFA costs in half, while leapfrogging the competition in terms of providing an effortless user experience for online banking and work-from-anywhere authentication?  

See how BIO-key's MFA solution with advanced biometrics streamlines positive authentication for individuals accessing online services and applications, while costing far less than harder-to-use alternatives. 

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