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How Husson University increased the security of user accounts and automated account updating


Are you searching for a secure and efficient method to manage user accounts in your educational institution? Look no further than Husson University's successful implementation of PortalGuard. Download our comprehensive case study to gain valuable insights into how Husson University tackled their specific pain points, increased initial login security, and automated batch updating of user accounts.

About Husson University:

Husson University, located in Maine, faced the challenge of managing user accounts in a secure and streamlined manner. They needed a solution that would enhance the security of initial passwords, automate batch updates of account details, and integrate seamlessly with their existing systems.

The Challenges Faced:

Initially, Husson University created user accounts with generic passwords that lacked optimal security. Passwords were often not reset to more complex ones, leading to potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, manual updates were required when changes were made to personal information associated with user accounts. Husson University needed a solution that could automate the account updating process and integrate with their existing systems, such as CAMS and Active Directory.

The PortalGuard Solution:

Discover how PortalGuard's on-premises server provided the perfect solution for Husson University. By fully integrating with the local directory, PortalGuard enabled secure batch updating and synchronization of user accounts. To enhance account security, Husson University implemented Mandatory Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) during forced enrollment. This required users to answer security questions based on their personal information, ensuring an extra layer of protection. Furthermore, PortalGuard empowered users to create new, updated passwords that met customizable password policies, eliminating the use of weak passwords.

Automated Batch Functionality:

Learn how PortalGuard addressed Husson University's challenges with automated batch updating. By uploading a properly formatted .csv document containing user information, Husson University seamlessly integrated their repositories with PortalGuard. This automated process eliminated the need for manual updates and ensured that user information remained accurate and up to date. PortalGuard's scheduled runs further streamlined the updating process, overcoming previous challenges faced by Husson University.

Why Download the Case Study:

By downloading this case study, you will gain valuable insights into how Husson University successfully transformed their user account management with PortalGuard. Learn from their experience and discover how PortalGuard's comprehensive solution can enhance security, streamline processes, and improve the user experience in your educational institution. Whether you are an IT professional or an administrator in the higher education industry, this case study provides practical knowledge and inspiration.


Download the case study now and embark on a journey towards enhanced security, streamlined processes, and increased productivity.


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