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How the City of Sacramento took control of password management

How the City of Sacramento took control of password management

On-Demand Webinar

Hear from Curtis Chiuu, Principal Systems Engineer, City of Sacramento, about his password management experience and learn how to gain control of security and workflow challenges, including:  

  • How do you stop the increase in Help Desk tickets?
  • Is there a better way than passwords to secure access?
  • How does self-service password reset benefit the help desk team?
  • How do you handle remote multi-factor authentication (MFA)?
  • Can Office 365 and Active Directory work in harmony?


Many municipal IT departments have realized they can no longer compromise the security of those they serve by using outdated password policies. But when Curtis Chiuu recognized password resets were draining his team and negatively impacting the city budget, he knew something had to be done to take control of password management and raise the bar on security.


Curtis Chiuu

Curtis Chiuu

Principal Systems Engineer

City of Sacramento

Gregg Browinski

Gregg Browinski

Principal Software Engineer

BIO-key International

Watch the on-demand webinar now to follow Curtis’ journey to success and tour the Identity and Access Management platform that got him there.


"PortalGuard provides our students, faculty, and staff a convenient self-service password management system. Straightforward to get set up and running and their customer support is very respnsive."

Terry, Dalton State College


Watch the on-demand webinar now!