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Cybersecurity in Government: Protecting critical infrastructure against cyberattacks


On-Demand Webinar

Government entities are confronted with an ever-growing array of sophisticated and targeted cyber threats. Among these threats, ransomware attacks pose the gravest concern, particularly when aimed at critical infrastructure organizations. Disturbingly, recent incidents like the Colonial Pipeline attack, the JBS attack impacting the meat supply, and the New York City Metro attack on public transportation highlight the alarming vulnerability of such vital systems.

Governments worldwide are adopting a proactive stance in managing these cyber threats. In the United States, President Biden's cybersecurity Executive Order has impelled government agencies and private organizations to bolster their cybersecurity postures and swiftly embrace the principles of Zero Trust. This entails investing in robust cybersecurity solutions and embracing fortified approaches to identity access management (IAM), including multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), adaptive authentication, and biometrics.

This webinar seeks to delve into the current landscape of cybersecurity threats, preparedness, and response capabilities specifically within the government sector. We aim to provide comprehensive insights and offer practical solutions for enhancing cybersecurity in government environments.


Key topics to be covered in the webinar include:

  1. Analysis of the prevailing cybersecurity threats encountered by government entities.
  2. Examination of the proactive measures adopted by governments to address and mitigate cyber threats.
  3. Exploration of the evolving dynamics of cybersecurity threats within government systems.
  4. Strategies for improving cybersecurity measures and progressing towards the implementation of Zero Trust.
  5. Guidance on identifying the ideal IAM solution tailored to the unique needs of government organizations.
  6. Insights into why over 200 institutions have placed their trust in PortalGuard as their chosen IAM solution, securing a modern digital experience for both on-premises and remote users.


If you are seeking a flexible solution to help you achieve your cybersecurity objectives, this is an invaluable opportunity you cannot afford to miss. Register for the on-demand webinar to gain valuable knowledge and actionable strategies that will empower your government organization to effectively combat cyber threats and safeguard critical systems.

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