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cybersecurity in government

Cybersecurity in Government


Protecting national interests and critical infrastructure from cyber threats has become a top priority for governments worldwide. However, the government sector faces a multitude of cybersecurity challenges, including ransomware, business email compromise, phishing, and data breaches. It is crucial for government entities to enhance their cybersecurity measures to effectively combat these evolving threats.


Introducing our comprehensive whitepaper: Cybersecurity in Government which delves into the state of cybersecurity in the public sector. This in-depth research conducted by Osterman Research sheds light on the evolving landscape of cyber threats faced by government entities and provides valuable guidance for decision-makers and influencers in the public sector.


By downloading this whitepaper, you will gain a deeper understanding of the following key areas:

  1. Cybersecurity Threats in the Government Sector: Explore the diverse range of cyber threats faced by government entities and learn about the specific risks associated with ransomware attacks, phishing attempts, and data breaches. Discover the tactics employed by cybercriminals and gain actionable strategies to mitigate these risks.

  2. The Attractive Target of Government Organizations: Understand why government entities are prime targets for cybercriminals. This section highlights the motivations behind these attacks, including stealing classified data, undermining citizen confidence, and exploiting vulnerabilities. By comprehending the threat landscape, you can bolster your defenses accordingly.

  3. Government's Response to Cybersecurity Threats: Learn how governments are adapting to the changing dynamics of cybersecurity threats. Gain valuable insights into the strategies and measures employed by government organizations to protect critical infrastructure and strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

  4. Solutions for Improving Government Cybersecurity: Discover practical solutions and best practices to enhance cybersecurity in the government sector. This includes implementing stronger approaches to identity access management (IAM) such as single sign-on (SSO), robust multi-factor authentication (MFA), adaptive authentication, and leveraging biometrics for enhanced security.


By downloading the "Cybersecurity in Government" whitepaper, you will equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to fortify your organization's cybersecurity defenses.

Download the whitepaper now and gain invaluable insights into improving cybersecurity in the government sector.


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