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Centralized Self-Service Password Reset Tech Brief 


The true success of a Self-Service Password Management solution is measured by user satisfaction and return on investment through reduced password-related help desk calls.


Password is a constant struggle, and many users are stuck in an endless loop of resetting forgotten passwords. On average, password resets can cost an enterprise up to $75 per incident and account for more than 30 percent of help desk calls. By allowing users to self-service their own account and password management needs, organizations can drastically reduce help desk calls, cut costs, and improve productivity.


Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) is any process that allows users to reset a forgotten password through their own efforts, without the need to involve a third party (such as the local help desk). However, with expanding access scenarios, more advanced solutions are needed to increase usability and promote user adoption.


PortalGuard's SSPR solution is a complete, flexible option that provides users with access to self-service functionality across Windows and Mac desktops, as well as web-based portals. The three major components of self-service include password reset, password recovery, and account unlock. Each of these features can be accessed on various devices (both Android and iOS), including tablets and smartphones.


In this tech brief, you will learn more about PortalGuard's SSPR solution:

  • Benefits and capabilities
  • Integration methods
    • Direct web access
    • Sidecar mode for remote HTTP servers
    • Desktop password reset
    • Mobile password reset app
      • One-touch password reset
      • Familiar password generator
      • Time-based OTP 
    • Identity federation for single sign-on (SSO)
  • How it works
  • Installation
  • System requirements

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