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Enhancing Security and Streamlining Authentication: How Monash Health Transformed their Login Process


Monash Health, a prominent healthcare provider in Australia, faced the challenge of customizing their login process to meet regulatory compliance while tackling the growing issue of password-related IT support calls. With a user base of 14,000, they sought a replacement for their existing two-factor authentication (2FA) software that could seamlessly integrate with Outlook Web App and other internal applications without compromising HIPAA compliance. Additionally, the IT department aimed to reduce the overwhelming volume of password-related help desk calls, which averaged around 3,000 calls per month.


Enter PortalGuard, the comprehensive solution that revolutionized authentication for Monash Health. By implementing PortalGuard, the organization experienced a range of benefits tailored to their specific requirements:

  1. Increased Login Security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): PortalGuard provided Monash Health with robust two-factor authentication capabilities, bolstering the security of their login process. By combining something the user knows with something the user possesses, PortalGuard ensures a higher level of authentication and protection against unauthorized access.

  2. Reduced Help Desk Calls with Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR): PortalGuard's self-service password reset functionality empowered Monash Health's users to regain access to their accounts independently, reducing the burden on the IT support team. This feature allowed users to reset their passwords securely and conveniently, minimizing the need for assistance and freeing up valuable IT resources.

  3. Granular Level of Customization to Meet Regulatory Compliance: PortalGuard offered Monash Health the ability to customize their authentication process to align with regulatory compliance requirements. With granular control over security policies, password complexity rules, and authentication methods, the organization could ensure adherence to HIPAA regulations while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

  4. Functionality across a Wide Range of Devices and Applications: PortalGuard is seamlessly integrated with various devices and applications used by Monash Health, including Outlook Web App and other internal systems. This versatility provided users with a unified authentication experience, regardless of the device or application they were accessing.

  5. Scalability to Meet Changing Needs: PortalGuard's flexibility allowed Monash Health to scale their authentication solution as their customer base and end-user count evolved. Whether accommodating new employees, expanding their services, or adapting to changing industry requirements, PortalGuard provided the scalability necessary to meet Monash Health's evolving needs.


To delve deeper into the success story of Monash Health's authentication transformation, download our comprehensive case study. Discover how PortalGuard empowered the organization to meet regulatory compliance, reduce help desk calls, and enhance security across the board.


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