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How the Collier County Florida Supervisor of Elections increased their protection against electoral fraud


Our democratic process is what sets us apart as a nation. During several recent elections, security and fraud emerged as issues that need to be confronted head-on in order to maintain the integrity of our election process. With Federal initiatives, such as the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Election Security Grant, several election boards are raising the bar on security and pioneering cybersecurity solutions that will soon become commonplace. Specifically, Collier County looked to increase its security measures to better protect against election tampering. They were searching for a multi-factor authentication solution to strengthen internal security without inhibiting workflow.

To increase online security and add a second layer of authentication, the Collier County SOE began investigating options for a multifactor solution. Upon evaluating the security and cost of several options the organization focused on biometric authentication options including fingerprint, facial, and iris.


With BIO-key's IAM solution and fingerprint scanners, Collier County benefited from: 

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA), including world-class biometrics
  • Streamlined login process with single sign-on (SSO)  
  • Added layer of biometric authentication to Windows Active Directory 
  • Ease with authenticating remote and roving workers


“BIO-key provided us with an easy way to implement two-factor authentication while maintaining roaming profiles for our users. Setup was smooth and BIO-Key worked with us to answer any questions or issues."

- Network Security Specialist, Collier County SOE 



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