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How Camden County Schools integrated Windows and Chromebook logins with self-service password reset (SSPR) capabilities


Are you struggling with password management in your K-12 educational institution? Discover how Camden County Schools overcame their password reset challenges and empowered their students and staff with PortalGuard. Download our comprehensive case study to gain valuable insights into how Camden County Schools integrated self-service password reset capabilities, enhanced security, and streamlined their IT help desk operations.

About Camden County Schools:

Camden County Schools recognized the need for a self-service solution to enable Active Directory password reset for their students, faculty, and staff. With the integration of Chromebooks for student access, the demand for a simple and secure password reset mechanism became critical.

The Challenges Faced:

Camden County Schools, with over 11,000 users, struggled with the increasing workload on their IT help desk due to password reset requests. The use of Chromebooks leveraged the Active Directory password for system access, intensifying the need for an efficient password reset process that wouldn't require IT involvement.

The PortalGuard Solution:

Discover how PortalGuard revolutionized password management at Camden County Schools. Learn how PortalGuard eliminated the need for students and faculty to contact the help desk via phone or in person for password resets. With PortalGuard, Camden County Schools achieved simple and secure password reset for all users, reducing the burden on the IT department and enhancing the user experience at all levels of the education hierarchy.

Seamless Integration and Customization:

Explore how PortalGuard seamlessly integrated with Camden County Schools' existing systems, including Active Directory and Google Apps for Education. PortalGuard's configurable password policies allowed administrators to tailor password complexity requirements, challenge questions, and OTP settings to align with the district's specific standards. The integration with GAPS and GADS ensured that new passwords set through PortalGuard were automatically synchronized with the local Google Domain, providing consistent authentication across Windows and Chromebook machines.

Unlock the Secrets to Streamlined Password Management:

Download the case study now to gain valuable insights into how Camden County Schools transformed their password management with PortalGuard. Harness the power of self-service password reset, reduce help desk workload, and empower your students and staff. Whether you're an IT professional or an administrator in the K-12 education industry, this case study provides practical knowledge and inspiration to enhance security and streamline operations.


Download the case study and embark on a journey towards a simplified and secure password reset today.


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