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Better Ways to Deal With New Security Threats

Better Ways to Deal With New Security Threats


"There are many newer security solutions and practices available to blunt the growing threat arsenal." — Osterman Research


Yesterday’s leading-edge security innovations are today’s table stakes. As many organizations have ramped up multi-faceted security defenses, threat actors have pivoted to embrace new exploits, new avenues of compromise, and new ways of ensuring a financial payoff from their misdeeds.


Criminal or not, adversaries with just as much commitment to wreaking havoc as organizations have to prevent are actively pursuing the next loophole, the next security vulnerability, and the next victim to hold ransom. As security threats change, security defenses need to as well, both reactively to stop current threats, and, more importantly, proactively to get ahead and prevent future cybersecurity threats.


In this report, we look at the dynamics of the new cybersecurity threat landscape and highlight new cybersecurity solutions, including passwordless and biometric authentication, and practices that go beyond the capabilities of conventional solutions.


  • Cybercriminals are not resting on past wins. They are actively seeking new vulnerabilities, new attack vectors, and new ways of both compromising sensitive data and earning a financial payoff. Threat methods are getting more sophisticated and difficult to detect.

  • Current cybersecurity threats will remain an issue over the next two years; the emergence of new threats will not diminish the use of phishing, spear-phishing, and ransomware, nor attacks using multi-factor authentication (MFA)-resistant phishing methods.

  • Rapid access to new services for productivity and securing time-to-market benefits with cloud services are insufficient decision-making criteria alone; security is a critical aspect. Ditto for hybrid and on-premises infrastructures.

  • New (and existing) solutions alone will not win the fight against new security threats; these must be complemented with security best practices.

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