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"Ask Me Anything" Webinar Series


Ask Me Anything:
The Multi-factor Authentication Edition

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an essential component for strengthening modern identity and data security.  The biggest challenge with MFA is implementation: doing so without adding too much friction to the end-user experience.   

Watch the on-demand recordings of the three-part, interactive “Ask Me Anything” Webinar series. In each session we chat about a different MFA-related topics. 


Pick the topic that interests you most or join all three:  

  • Contextual Authentication Configuration & User Segmentation
    On-Demand Recording
    Contextual authentication – also known as risk-based or adaptive authentication – attempts to strike the perfect balance between security and convenience. The concept is simple – enforce the appropriate level of authentication for a specific user under specific circumstances – but configuration requires significant planning. This is one of those cases where you need to “get into the weeds” and clearly segment your users and their access scenarios. We’ll use this time to chat about best practices for setting up a strong rule hierarchy to make Contextual Authentication work for you.  
  • Out-of-Band Authentication: What Is It and Why It’s Essential
    On-Demand Recording
    Out-of-Band Authentication (OoBA) requires a secondary verification method through a separate communication channel. While many organizations are standardizing on SMS or phone-based authentication methods to achieve this higher level of security, there are alternatives to consider. We’ll take a hard look at the pros and cons of a wide variety of authentication methods, many of which provide much greater convenience and security than the typical phone-based approach.
  • Deploying MFA...how can I make this go smoothly?
    On-Demand Recording 
    Deploying multi-factor authentication, whether it’s to customers or your workforce, can be an overwhelming project. Admins need to select and provision authentication methods to users, which may include anything from handing out hardware tokens to paying for mobile SMS plans. At the same time, users will resist any authentication method that introduces friction into their experience. it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ll discuss best practices for creating an MFA deployment project plan that works.

Feel free to drop in and out to get your burning MFA questions answered. 
We hope you can join us! 




Christopher Perry,

Sr. Technical Support Engineer


Kevin Wiser,

Solutions Architect


Kimberly Johnson,

VP of Product Marketing

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