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better authenticator

The Argument for a Better Authenticator


Biometric authentication allows organizations to augment the use of passwords and create a "passwordless" security infrastructure.


Cybersecurity has become front of mind for every company and every consumer. While passwords have traditionally defended against unauthorized access, they now provide easy access to cyber threat actors — enabling them to wreak havoc on IT departments and security infrastructure. Cards, tokens, and keys were introduced to add an additional layer of security, but even these time-tested solutions have shown their inherent vulnerabilities.


Organizations worldwide are struggling to protect systems and data from cyberattacks, as bad actors are circumventing traditional multi-factor authentication (MFA) through common social engineering and technical attacks. Biometric MFA solutions are emerging as the most secure and convenient way to address today's cybersecurity challenges, and one of the most proven forms of biometric identification is fingerprints. Having built its reputation in the law enforcement space, fingerprint authentication is now used across all verticals and native to many devices.


In this whitepaper, you will learn about:

  • Existing cyber defense challenges
  • Why are traditional MFA methods failing us?
  • How biometric authentication adds security?
  • How does BIO-key fingerprint technology work?
  • Biometric multi-factor solutions and industry use cases
  • Excerpts from the FBI Cyber Task Force report


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